The Gathering Compilation Albums

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Our vision for The Gathering compilation albums is to assist independent artists and small record labels in the creation, support, and distribution of their music.

Artists interested in the album package can submit a song reflecting their musical direction (don't worry about the sound quality). If selected, we'll contact you for a meeting to begin the process of:

Creating Your Product

We'll pair you with one of our producers who will create the music for your song.  Once everything has been written, your song will be recorded, mixed, and mastered in our facility.

Putting Together Your Promotional Material

Our professional photographers and videographers will be on hand to capture creative moments during your recording sessions. The resulting images and video will be the perfect backdrop for promoting your new song.

Getting You Out There

Based on your musical direction, you'll be grouped with similar artists in the creation of the compilation volume. In addition to coordinating your studio sessions and meetings, our management team focuses on getting you online and independent radio interviews, interviews with bloggers, plus online and social media promotion campaigns. We also book performances for you and the other artists on your compilation to showcase your songs. Because of how we group you, this is your opportunity to expand your fan base!

Getting You Paid for Your Music

Your songs on our compilations will be distributed through a major label affiliation.  What does that mean? Worldwide digital distribution — just about every digital retail outlet (i.e., iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Zed, Shazam, Simfy) and streaming service (i.e., Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, Apple Music, Vevo, Tidal) will have your song. What else does that mean? You will be paid for every sale and stream!*

*You must be associated with a publishing society that collects royalties on your behalf. If needed, we will assist you with this if you're not already affiliated.


Is there a cost associated with the compilation album?

Yes, there is an all-inclusive fee covering the services listed above. If selected to be on the album, you will work with an experienced team of creatives made up of talented individuals, each specializing in his/her craft—offering you the highest level of results and professionalism. Payment plans are available.

Is there a contract?

Yes. In order to use your image in photographs and video we take during your session, we will need you to complete a release. In addition, you will need to license your song to the distribution company giving them the right to distribute it.

Can I be on more than 1 compilation?

Absolutely! We realize that some artists or companies will want to use this process to release several songs. There is no limit on how many compilations you can be part of. Moreover, if you have full album projects we can assist you with, do not hesitate to ask.

Can I use my own producer?

Yes. The most important aspect of an artist's career is branding. If you already have a producer that you're working with and just need the rest of the package, please bring them in! However, because this is not a mixtape, we ask that your producer provide fully tracked music, so that it can be properly mixed.

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