Mixing Services

$ 200.00

Whether working on a mixtape or a full length album, your music deserves a good mix. In fact, getting the mix right could make all the difference between that new fan or a radio station even giving your record a chance!

Our mix engineers are technically trained to highlight the right frequencies that will make your music pop and your vocals sound top notch. You can either send in your session, drop your music off, or sit in on the mix session to add your personal touch.

We have two options- for mixing vocals on top of a 2 track (meaning the music has already been mixed), select the 2 track option. If you will be providing the music tracked out (meaning a separate track for the kick, snare, strings, etc), select the full mix option.

We also have payment plan options- if you would like to make a downpayment**, select the option according to what type of file you will be providing (see above).

Upon purchase*, you will receive a receipt via email and be contacted within 24 hours to schedule your mix session (or you may call us at 305.749.5457).

*Services include 3 mix revisions
**Masters or final mixes will not be released until services are paid in full

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